New Show in Seaver Gallery: "In the Stillness of Remembering"

Artwork exploring the experience of the pandemic will be on display through November 5. 

The second gallery exhibit of the year is now available to view in Seaver Gallery. Titled “In the Stillness of Remembering,” the artwork responds to each artists’ experience of the pandemic.

Student and staculty artists explore themes including loss and changing relationships, restriction and independence, mental illness, and body image using a variety of mediums.

Artwork from the show "In the Stillness of Remembering"

Above: Collage by Maise W. '22, left; Crochet by Esmé R. '23, right
Below: Diorama by Stella V. '23

Artwork from the show "In the Stillness of Remembering"

There is an interactive component to the show, where viewers have the opportunity to leave their own mark. Materials are provided for everyone to reflect on a moment from their own pandemic lockdown experience by writing or drawing the memory on a card and pinning it to the wall. It is encouraged that as each viewer looks through the responses of others, that they use string to link their memory to another. 

The exhibit will be on display in Seaver Gallery through November 5, 2021.

Story cover artwork by Molly S. '23.


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