Inspired to Serve

As her office gears up for another busy year of service learning, Community Outreach Program Head Pamela Wright shares life moments that inspired her work.

Pamela Wright committed to a career in service when she moved to Chicago to pursue service and nonprofit management. While there, Wright worked at the Chicago Food Bank and Feeding America. After returning to Los Angeles, she directed a homelessness and hunger grant program at the United Way of Los Angeles.

Wright joined Marlborough in 2015, focused on increasing partnerships in our immediate communities and beyond, and empowering students to continue to use their voices on issues that move them.

"I want to create true service learning moments that integrate meaningful community service with reflection to enrich the girls' learning experience," Wright said. "It is equally important to me that he needs of our partner nonprofits are also met."

Wright will continue to look to students for local and international opportunities that inspire them to make a difference.

"I have seen our girls immerse themselves in nonprofits that work with everything from homeless LGBT youth to children with incarcerated parents to burn survivors. It never ceases to amaze me what motivates our students to stand up and take action."

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