Inner Strength

"Each day that I volunteer I hear parts of people's stories, and I am so inspired by the strength of the patients and their families."

Zoe W. '18 recently completed 100 hours of service, and is currently volunteering at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. While Zoe's responsibilities primarily consist of transporting patients around the hospital, it's the interaction she is able to have with them that makes her work so rewarding.

"I love talking to the patients, whether they are happy to be bringing home a newborn baby or are recovering in phsycial therapy. I really enjoy seeing the inner workings of the hospital and being able to give each patient personalized attention."

Zoe credits her volunteer time with important life skills, including the ability to strike up conversations with many different people and gauge someone's mood, but the most important lesson she has learned is about the strength that lies in all of us.

"Humans are so resilient. Some patients have had or have virulent illnesses that can wreck them physically, emotionally, and economically, yet they still are able to trudge forward because tehy have their family around them."

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