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Edina H. '19 Coached Odyssey of the Mind Team to 3rd Place at World Championship

"Winning was really amazing because it felt like all of my team's hard work paid off."

Meeting every week since September, Edina H. '19 coached a team of seven 9-10 year olds for their Odyssey of the Mind competition. The team placed first at the Regional and State Tournaments and went on to win 3rd place out of 67 teams in their division at the World Championship Tournament held at Michigan State University.

Odyssey of the Mind is the largest creative problem solving competition in the world. Started in 1978, the competition goal is to incorporate creative problem solving into learning by combining creative performance, history and STEM with spontaneous problem solving to develop self-confidence and public speaking ability.

Teams choose one of five types of "long term" problems to solve. Solutions may include building a vehicle, building a technical device like a rubber band powered robot or pop-up house, creating a balsa wood structure to withstand strength tests, creating a video game or writing and performing a skit that tells a specific story. All problems have a time limit of 8 minutes and a budget of under $150.


Edina's team worked on the problem "Classics... It's Time, OMER":


The future and the past collide in this problem about important works of art – both existing and yet-to-be-created. Teams will create and present an original performance about time travelers looking to discover the inspiration for great works of art, little did they know – it was OMER every time! The travelers go back in time — twice into our past and once into our future. They will see OMER inspire two classical artists and a team-created artist from our future. The performance will include how the three works of art positively impact the world, a visual and audible effect that indicates when time travel is occurring, two re-creations of the classic works of art selected from a list, and a team-created work of art.

This was the second year Edina has coached a team. She participated in Odyssey of the Mind as a team member in 2010 - 2012.


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