Thirteen Marlborough Athletes Sign Letter of Intent for Collegiate Sports

Seniors signed letters in the Alumnae Garden supported by their families, friends, teachers and coaches.

Thirteen of our Marlborough athletes signed letters of intent with colleges today. Congratulations! 

Catherine B. '18, Fencing for Harvard
Leila D. '18, Golf for UPenn
Hailey H-B '18, Volleyball for Colgate
Katerina J. '18, Soccer for Cornell
Sophia L. '18, Volleyball for Amherst
Cameron M. '18, Golf for Washington State U.
Camille N. '18, Softball for Howard U.
Corrie P. '18, Softball for UPenn
Jordan P. '18, Swimming for UCSD
Carmina R. '18, Volleyball for UPenn
Rowan S. '18, Basketball for U. of Rochester
Samantha S. '18, Basketball for Oberlin
Olivia W. '18, Golf for Williams


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