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"Attitude is Everything!"

A Q&A with Sheila Pauley, Marlborough's New Athletic Director

This summer, we will welcome our new Athletic Director, Sheila Pauley, into the Marlborough community. Sheila joins us from The Agnes Irwin School in Pennsylvania, where she served as Athletic Director for ten years, overseeing 14 programs and 40 teams and leading the school to four state championships in volleyball, lacrosse, and softball, as well as eight league championships in other sports. Sheila brings over 16 years of experience within independent, all-girls schools, as well as close to 20 years of basketball coaching experience to her new role at Marlborough.

To help us get to know her a bit in advance of her arrival, we’ve asked Coach Pauley some questions about student-athletes, teamwork, and what’s she’s most looking forward to about living in LA (hint: it’s weather related).


When/how did you know you wanted to work in athletics? 

I have always been involved with athletics, either as a player, coach, or parent.  The Athletic environment is something I enjoy being around, and I want to make a difference in the lives of young athletes.  I have learned a great deal from my coaches and mentors and want do the same for young athletes.

What makes you most excited to join the Marlborough community? 

There are many things to be excited about, but I would have to say the most exciting aspect is getting to know the student-athletes and the community surrounding them.  In my first couple of interactions, the enthusiasm, passion, and love for the school was evident, which is very inspiring.

What, in your opinion, are the main benefits of participating in athletics in middle and high school? 

Besides health and wellness, I believe athletics builds a strong foundation of life lessons in a young person that they will carry throughout their experiences as young adults and beyond. There is much to be gained from both wins and losses, handling setbacks, goal setting, and goal achieving. I certainly use many of the lessons that my coaches and teammates taught me as a young athlete, and I hope to instill that same foundation in the student-athletes at Marlborough.  

Specifically, what are the main benefits for girls? 

In addition to the overall benefits I mentioned, athletics also allows student-athletes to gain confidence in themselves through the achievement of goals they originally thought weren’t achievable. Athletics also allows them to push themselves beyond their pre-conceived boundaries, learn to be a part of a team, and developing their leadership skills. Right now we may be talking about sports, but in the future these women will use these same skills in a business or entrepreneurial environment. Research indicates that half of female top executives were former athletes!

Do you have a motto that is meaningful to you in your life?

Attitude is everything!

Do you have an over-arching philosophy about the role of athletics as it relates to education? 

Athletics are an extension of the classroom. Student-athletes will learn lessons on the field/court that complement and reinforce a well-rounded educational experience, such as teamwork, leadership skills, grit, and work ethic.

What are you most excited to do/see/experience when you become a resident of sunny socal

I am looking forward to soaking in all of the surroundings and participating in many outdoor activities....and I am not going to miss shoveling snow!

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