Jessica Alexandra Levinson '98

Professor at Loyola Law School and President of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission

Jessica Alexandra Levinson ‘98 has long been fascinated b the intersection of legal and policy questions and how we can structure our society in order to achieve justice and equality for the greatest number of people possible. Now, as a professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, a regular media commentator, and the president of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission, her current work focuses on election laws, the law of the political process, and government ethics. 

On what drew her to this work:
There is no perfect law and no perfect paradigm. That is actually quite freeing because it means we all have a great deal of discretion in trying to determine how to best fashion our legal system. There are many different ways to attempt to create laws that strike the best balance between a myriad of competing interests. That is where the fun is, in trying different ways to ensure we create the best system possible, while accepting that imperfection is inherent. 

On separating facts from lies:
As an educator and media commentator, one of the most difficult questions that I am routinely asked is how to help people differentiate between facts and lies. The proliferation of information has been enormously democratizing and beneficial in so many ways. But it also means that as a society we no longer obtain our news and information from the same sources, and our national discourse has dissolved from a conversation to two different echo chambers. We need to find ways to address these parallel conversations and at least ensure that we can all agree on some basic principles, like separating fact from fiction. I spend a lot of time speaking with my students and reporters about working through this issue.

On the importance of confidence and competence: 
My education at Marlborough helped to give me the confidence and analytical skills to think through many of the issues I face in my work on a daily basis. The education I received throughout my years at Marlborough has served me enormously well as I think about what it means to contribute to our society. 

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