Dr. Christina Kim '92

“Not only do I keep in touch with my Marlborough friends, but I consider them to be my closest and dearest.”

The decision of Dr. Christina Kim ’92 to become a physician dates back to kindergarten. She says she always gravitated toward math and science and that proved to be true at Marlborough as well. However, it was in Dr. Cahill’s AP English class that she learned her most valuable lesson at Marlborough. “She is the only teacher who ever gave me a D,” Kim says. “As a high-achieving student, that was devastating for me. But the end result was that she really taught me how to write.”

While Kim does more doctoring than writing these days—as a dermatologist at the UCLA Medical Center—she says she still hears Dr. Cahill’s comments about the importance of having a clear thesis statement every time she puts pen to paper.

Kim attended Marlborough during an eventful time—when Bob Chumbook passed the headmaster torch to now Head of School Barbara Wagner—and in the midst of the Rodney King incident and the Los Angeles riots.

Unlike the latter events, she had good feelings about the transition in School leadership. “Barbara Wagner’s vision and energy were immediately apparent,” she says. “She has been an amazing leader of the school for the past 20+ years.”

After Marlborough, Kim landed at Cornell University, where she continued on her path to become a physician. She took a year off, working as a research assistant in New York City, before attending medical school at New York Medical College. She then spent an additional year at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, where she studied immunology through a medical student research grant. Kim came back to California to complete her internship in internal medicine, before returning to New York to complete three years of residency in dermatology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Now, as a dermatologist and mom to three children under the age of six, she says she spends her days in “a crazed frenzy, but wouldn’t have it any other way.”

While she has spent a lot of time on other school campuses, she describes her experience at Marlborough as unique. “Marlborough gives its students a strong sense of self and responsibility and a confident and respectful voice to make our values T and opinions heard,” she says. “These are lessons I have taken with me throughout my career and life.”

She says she is most grateful to Marlborough for giving her lifelong friends. “Not only do I keep in touch with my Marlborough friends, but I consider them to be my closest and dearest.”

When she visits campus from time to time, Kim says she is always delighted by how much it has stayed the same. “The School has physically changed and the girls are wearing different uniforms, but I could be walking those same halls 20 years ago with the girls who are there now.”


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