Connecting with Alumnae Leadership Board

Connecting with Alumnae Leadership Board

A Marlborough student’s relationship with the school does not end at graduation. Instead, they are automatically welcomed as lifetime members of an exclusive group made up of dedicated, accomplished, and dynamic peers. This network, known as the Alumnae Association, is composed of nearly 6,000 living Violets; the most passionate of whom have raised their hands to offer their time, talent, and treasure in a leadership capacity on the Alumnae Leadership Board (ALB). Since its founding in 1930, ALB has gone through many iterations, growing and adapting to meet the needs of the current-day Marlborough and alumnae communities. The constant that has remained for the group, however, is their desire to bolster the relationship between it and the alumnae community as a whole, and of course, to support their alma mater – the place that built their foundation and propelled their success in their educational and professional journeys.

President of ALB Dr. Carolyn Marounian Kassabian ’93 reflected on what first inspired her to get involved as a volunteer: “I wanted to give back to the school that has given me so much. I firmly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Marlborough roots.” This is a sentiment that is shared among many alumnae who have given their time to this community since graduating, such as Natalie Makous Cuadra ’09, Marlborough’s Associate Director of Alumnae Engagement. Already actively involved in the Marlborough alumnae community, Ms. Cuadra ’09 returned to the school in February 2022 in a professional capacity. This role has given her a new perspective with which to consider her own time here as a student. “I have a deepened sense of pride and appreciation for this school,” Ms. Cuadra ’09 shares. “Seeing how this school continues to evolve to serve young people in a meaningful way is what makes me feel lucky to be here. Education is the foundation of impactful change, and the opportunities and resources the students have here to prepare them for the rest of their lives is truly so unique.”

As ALB has evolved over the years, a focal point for its leadership has been to expand its membership in order to ensure a wide representation of alumnae with varied Marlborough experiences. As a result of the pandemic, the transition to virtual meetings and events over Zoom has enabled alumnae from all over the globe to join the roster. Dr. Kassabian ’93 shares, “We now have members in at least six different time zones. Zoom has truly changed our Board for the better as it allows us to engage with a much more diverse group of alums.” This year, ALB welcomed eight new members: Lauren Mickelson Altman ’97, Whitney Padden Arnautou ’79, Sharon Gi ’94, Teresa Keith ’95, Christine Park Peterson ’87, Desiree Ann Sumilang ’93, Gisele Roberts Wilson ’99, and Alexandria Sanders Yates ’03. 

Having alumnae support a modern-day Marlborough education is indescribably significant. The leaders of ALB know that feeling a sense of belonging within the Alumnae Association and a connection to the current students and faculty make that support stronger and more meaningful. With that in mind, the theme for ALB’s 2022-2023 year is “Connect,” a theme that the Alumnae Engagement Office is similarly prioritizing. With plenty of dynamic, exciting plans in the works for alumnae engagement this year – including a return to in-person regional events; opportunities to engage with the Jennifer Ciccarelli, Marlborough’s new Head of School, and a festive Alumnae Day celebration in the spring – Ms. Cuadra ’09 hopes this intentional focus on connection will help harness the enthusiasm for involvement and relationship-building she feels throughout the alumnae community. “We have impressive alumnae living around the world who are eager to be part of this community and support the advancement of Marlborough. I want to make sure they know exactly how that’s possible.”

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