Chef Suzanne Goin '84 Joins Fellow Marlborough Alumnae for a "Cookbook Club"

Over 40 Marlborough alumnae gathered on campus for a night of food and fun

In the style of a real “cookbook club,” local Marlborough alumnae gathered at their alma mater on October 14 to test recipes and have a dialogue with renowned chef and restauranteur Suzanne Goin '84.

As part of the Alumnae Council's new networking event series, guests were asked to choose any Suzanne Goin recipe, prepare it, and bring it to the event in bite-sized pieces.

Said one alumna, “The alums had fun putting in the effort to make the dishes, we got to mingle with women from lots of different classes at Marlborough, Suzanne Goin was inspiring as well as approachable in her remarks, and Priscilla connected with yet more members of our community."


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