Cameron Washington '03

"I was told to go out into the world and conquer it."

Cameron Washington ’03 credits Marlborough with arming her with the tools for success in college and life beyond. “The transition to college was seamless. I already knew how to effectively study for a test, how to write multiple essays within days of each other, and how to manage my time, and that was invaluable,” Washington says.

The combination of great teachers, a dedicated head of school and “strong, vibrant, and resilient” peers created a nurturing community that “helped us be our best,” she says. As a student, Washington says she felt as if she was part of a greater movement, with Barbara Wagner at the helm. “Ms. Wagner was so diligent in the pursuit of bettering not only the lives of the young women that were currently enrolled, but also the young women she had yet to empower and educate,” she says. “It was so wonderful being a part of a community and School that took such pride in its tradition and history.”

Marlborough filled her with many wonderful memories, particularly as a middle schooler in Señora Soriano’s Spanish class. “You know when you meet that person who sees something special in you, and no matter how hard you try, they will never let you slack or teeter from the path of being the best you can be? That was Señora Soriano. She always expected greatness, and knew how to make her students smile,” she adds.

Other unforgettable moments include the solemn day of the September 11th attacks, when the support and camaraderie of her peers was particularly evident. “My parents dropped me off that day and there was an assembly. You could hear the sadness and confusion of everyone in that auditorium,” she says. “We all tried to find refuge in each other. I spoke with friends as I waited for my parents to come—that was a hard day to forget.”

After graduating from Marlborough, Washington attended Cornell University, where she studied communications and film studies. She now works at Fox Broadcasting Company, in casting, where she oversees the scripted programming for shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project, Almost Human, and Gang Related. She says she enjoys every minute of her job.

Washington’s Marlborough experience gave her the tools to achieve success and happiness in her career. “Marlborough urged us to be curious, to have distinct points of view, to develop into not only capable young people, but also global citizens with awe-inspiring goals and larger-than-life ideas. I was told to go out into the world and conquer it.”

She says Marlborough encourages women to dream about making the impossible possible. “I carry a feeling of empowerment with me always.” There’s a quote that reminds Washington of Marlborough women: “A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.”

Adds Washington, “Marlborough women begin as promising pieces of charcoal and leave diamonds. They are the women who, every day, are determined to excel, shine their light, and no matter what, are determined to accomplish extraordinary things,” she says.


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