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The Wolves

The Wolves, by Sarah DeLappe

A soccer team, in the moments before the game. Nine young women about to take the field to take on the opposition. Spitfire conversation. Inside jokes. Tiny battles already bubbling. The huddle, the gossip, the secrets. Come watch one dynamic group of players navigate big (and small) questions with all of the vigor, anxiety, ambition and rawness of their adolescence.

March 12/19 at 3:30pm

March 13/14/20/21 at 7:00pm

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The Performing Arts Department is dedicated to creating professional quality performance that ranges in style from self-created pieces to classical works to contemporary performance. Students are taught to respect the creative environment and all the elements that go into the realization of a production, both on and off-stage. Two fully-equipped performance spaces and a large scene shop provide the ground for skilled tech training and ambitious scenic, sound and lighting design elements.

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