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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved and stay connected with Marlborough! No matter if you live 2 blocks or 2,000 miles away, we always value your involvement.

From volunteering in the Advancement or Alumnae Office, helping with the Marlborough Fund, planning your reunion events, and more, the ways to get involved are endless. From MConnects to Alumnae Council, Alumnae Day to Marlborough Meets, we hope you’ll find an opportunity here that excites you. Interested in learning more and want to connect with someone at the school? We are always available via email at and phone at (323) 964-8410. Contact us anytime! We would be thrilled to hear from you!

Alumnae Council

The Alumnae Council is the representative body of Marlborough alumnae and consists of graduates representing a broad range of decades. The Council is dedicated to creating new opportunities to re-engage alumnae with the school, fellow classmates, and the extended Marlborough community. Annually, these women commit themselves to the Angel Fund, which funds the Ada S. Blake Memorial Fund for Financial Aid, and to the selection of Woman of the Year, Marlborough’s alumnae recognition award. The Council organizes alumnae reunions, special events, and regional gatherings.

Alumnae Council Roster 2019-2020

Executive Officers

Sarah Keller Cox '84

Amy Robinson '91

Past President/Nominating Chair
Katherine Horton Burford '87

VP Alumnae Day
Kathryn Shaw-Cutter '82
Allison Hill Quinlan '85

VP Angel Fund & Advancement
Amy Robinson '91

Corresponding Secretaries
Kimberly Root Sandifer '87
Elizabeth Oblath Engelberg '93

Recording Secretary
Juliet Kaz Brumlik '86

Board of Trustees Liaison
Missy Mingst Kolsky '87

Young Alumnae Council President
Blythe Golay Kochsiek '05

Committee Chairs

AC Emeritae Co-Chairs
Jaye Toellner Rogovin '81
Nicole Harb Gogolak '89

Angel Fund Boutique Co-Chairs
Michelle Harb McCormick '94
Molly Niles Renshaw '91

Reunion Co-Chairs
Holly Lake '88
Anita-Marie Hill Laurie '86

Faculty Retirement Honoree Co-Chairs
Dolly Klock Doris '88

Networking Co-Chairs
Elizabeth Bendana Luna '96
Janna Conner Niclaes '94

MConnects Chair
Ryh-Ming Poon '91

Share the Wisdom Co-Chairs
Monica Randazzo Kirchner '89
Saher Hamideh '96

Year End Dinner Chair
Christina Kim '92

Senior Breakfast Co-Chairs
Carolyn Kassabian '93
Michelle Nitka Moshay '84

International Day of the Girl Co-Chairs
Amanda Smith Hunt '91

Woman of the Year Co-Chairs
Nina Ristani Allen '85
Anne McIntyre Bessant '85

Members At Large

Julianna Arnold 1987
Erica August 1995
Eraka Bath 1989
Elizabeth Bendana Luna 1996
Anne McIntyre Bessant 1985
Juliet Kaz Brumlik 1986
Katherine Horton Burford 1987
Candace Martinez Butler 1968
Jeanette Woo Chae 1983
Darcy Mullin Cobb 1992
Janna Connor-Niclaes 1994
Tom Davidson 1995
Dolly Klock Doris 1988
Ashley Kern Duncan 1991
Ezliabeth Oblath Engelberg 1993
Nicole Harb Gogolak 1989
Lisa Chang Hall 1985
Saher Kureshi Hamideh 1996
Tammy Green Hinkle 1989
Amanda Smith Hunt 1991
Carolyn Marounian Kassabian 1993
Christina Kim 1992
Monica Randazzo Kirchner 1989
Missy Mingst Kolsky 1987
Suzy Koudsi 1991
Holly Lake 1988
Anita-Marie Hill Laurie 1986
Christine Kim Lee 1989
Jennifer Levin 1982
Marissa Levin 1990

Blythe Cotton Maling 1992
Marla Ann Martinez 1969
Michelle Harb McCormick 1994
Samara Enright Michael 1996
Michelle Nitka Moshay 1984
Autumn Moultrie 1985
Karin Kurchak Olson 1984
Jamice Oxley 2002
Terrell Avazian Perfitt 1981
Rhy-Ming Poon 1991
Allison Hill Quinlan 1985
Molly Niles Renshaw 1991
Shellie Riley-Suchniak 1982
Nina Ristani 1985
Amy Robinson 1991
Jaye Toellner Rogovin 1981
Donna Russell 1969
Kimberly Root Sandifer 1987
CiCi Sears 1968
Kathryn Shaw-Cutter 1982
Samantha Haydn Soule 1985
Lori Akian Stephan 1990
Pam Rule Sullivan 1966
Jessica Yeung Tawinganone 1997
Katie Tower 1999
Lisa Tsou 1990
Evelyn Chumo Vizzi 1984
Courtney Cummings Wolff 1991
Victoria Yust 1977

Young Alumnae Council

The Young Alumnae Council is the representative body of Marlborough alumnae who graduated within the last 20 years. Like the Alumnae Council, Young Alumnae Council helps organize alumnae reunions, special events, and regional gatherings for Marlborough’s newer alumnae.

If you are a young alumna and interested in getting involved, please email

Young Alumnae Council Roster 2019-2020

Officers and Committee Chairs

Blythe Golay Kochsiek '05

Vice President
Evan Taksar '08

Networking: Social
Ashley Lyles '09
Julia Taylor-Brown '02
Shaina Zaidi '03

Networking: Professional
Phaedra Polychronis '03
Caitlyn Ross '05

Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chairs
Cara Adams '10
Ashley Lyles '09

Members at Large

Cara Adams ’10

Ashtynn Baltimore ’09

Zoe Birnbaum ’11

Claire Borthwick ’03

Michelle Brown ’08 

Jae Cho ’03

Ali Jack Conaty ’02

Chelsea Dern ’11

Erica Dixon ’10

Jonaka Donley ’01

Yasmeen Emamian ’13

Christine Ann Enlow ’01

Jean Lincoln Fitzpatrck ’04

Arielle Ford ’10

Maureen Hawley ’02

Maya Humes ’10

Eden Jeffries ’07

Erica Jones '02

Jane Kim ’04

Andrea Taylor Lindsay ’06

Lindsay Louie ’07

Carlyle Davis Nicoll ’09

Erika Norman ’02

Karen Paek ’05

Thalia Polyhronis ’00

Allyson Murrow Satin ’03

Amanda Jo Smith ’11

Kimberly Smith ’06

Marisa Tashman ’08

Alex Thompson ’14

Nyala Tringali-Carbado ’14

Ileana Diaz Waldman ’04

Melanie Lynne Washington ’02

Alex Sanders Yates ’03