Why a Girls' School

Girls' education is powerful: You are the leader, not the exception. Chat with any Marlborough student and you'll quickly hear the pride in their voice. It's one of confidence, reflecting both achievement and potential. It's a diversity of thought, questioning the ordinary, defining their solutions, and becoming catalysts of change. In this school, students have every opportunity to see and experience how good they can be at anything they want to pursue. Need more reasons? Here are just a few:

  • 87% of girls' school students feel their opinions are respected at their school compared to only 58% of girls at coeducational schools.

  • 80% of girls' school alumnae have held leadership positions since graduating high school.

  • Girls' school graduates are 3x more likely than their peers from coed schools to consider engineering careers, and 6x more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology.

  • Girls' school graduates help bridge cultural and racial divides: 75% of girls' school alumnae value improving their understanding of other countries and cultures and are nearly 10% more likely than their coed peers to have the goal to help promote racial understanding.

Want to know more? Marlborough is a member of the National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS) whose website hosts research-supported outcomes on girls' education. Read about the benefits of attending a girls' school and contact us with any questions you might have.