Community Based Partnerships

Marlborough is building a student community that more closely reflects the diversity and culture of our city. To assist us in our efforts, we partner with the following community-based organizations, tapping their resources to support our recruitment efforts and to create a sense of belonging for all enrolled families. To learn more or get assistance from one of these groups, please click on the links below.

A Better Chance (ABC)

A Better Chance helps academically talented students of color access the best educational opportunities for middle school and high school. For more information about A Better Chance, please click here.

The A Better Chance logo

Independent School Alliance

It is the mission of the Independent School Alliance to inform members of racial communities presently underrepresented in independent schools of the option of independent school education; to identify applicants from these communities and assist them in the application process; to provide ongoing support programs for students and their families’ and to act as a resource to member schools assisting them in their individual efforts to address issues of racial diversity and multicultural education. For more information about the Independent School Alliance, please click here.

The Independent School Alliance logo

Private School Axis

Private School Axis’ innovative approach to partnership with Los Angeles area independent schools opens up new avenues for students and families of color to access paths to success while navigating the independent school system. Axis creates a bridge between families and schools by helping under-served families of color explore, apply to, transition into, and navigate independent schools in a first-of-its kind, comprehensive model rooted in a relational, community-building, service-oriented approach. For more information about Private School Axis, please click here.

The Axis logo

Private School Village (PSV)


The Private School Village (PSV) builds community by organizing social events, sharing resources, and providing programs for Black/African American families in independent schools (K-12). For more information about Private School Village, please click here.


The Private School Village logo

Young Eisner Scholars (YES)

Young Eisner Scholars (YES) identifies promising students from underserved communities and equips them with the resources, support, and academic skills required for success through high school, college, and career. For more information about the Young Eisner Scholars, please click here.

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