Find What Drives You

With a robust and diverse course catalog including electives in entrepreneurship, computer science, social justice and the arts, every course and program at Marlborough is designed to ignite intellectual curiosity and to build the skills that girls will need to innovate, invent, and lead in college and beyond. Learn more about some of these offerings below.

Capstone Projects
The Edge
Senior Class Electives
Debate Team
Honors Research
Modern World History Honors: 20th-Century Democracies and Dictatorships
Mathletes/Math Counts
Flexible AP Track
Middle School STEM
90/10 Immersion
Prescriptive Assessments
The greatest lesson I've learned this year is to fall in love with the 'why,' the problem you're trying to solve. Choose something that is going to get you up in the morning and makes you excited.