Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to Marlborough! 

Since our founding in 1889, Marlborough School has been known as a thought leader in education and an institution others look to as an example of excellence. It is my profound honor to be part of this legacy and serve as Marlborough’s 9th Head of School. In this role, I stand on the shoulders of the trailblazing, innovative women who came before me. 

Central to Marlborough’s mission is our shared belief in and passion for empowering young women to use their immense talents to better our world and helping them become trailblazers in their own right. The core values highlighted in our strategic plan represent the characteristics we hope our students develop throughout their time here. With the help of our world-class faculty and staff, our students are challenged and inspired to work towards their own personal best. Marlborough students have an almost endless array of courses, extracurriculars, electives, and programs to spark their curiosity and purpose. 

Even with the demands of a rigorous academic program, there is rarely a moment when I do not hear laughter echoing through the halls. Marlborough is a joyful place, a feeling that reverberates through you the moment you set foot on campus. Each of our 530 students–including my own daughter–is the extremely fortunate beneficiary of our founder Mary Caswell’s pioneering work and that of all the fabulous educators who have ensured the continued success of our school. 

Over time and across generations, Marlborough has continued to evolve to meet the current moment. Or, perhaps a better way to characterize it is that we don’t just meet the current moment, we endeavor to anticipate the next one. We adapt, grow, iterate, and innovate. And we always have: that is the story of Marlborough. 

As we start filling in the pages of Marlborough's latest chapter, I invite you to come along for the journey. I hope you will stop by campus and say hello; I hope you will engage with our courses and exceptional faculty and staff; I hope you will get a great sense of the joy and excitement that exists in our community. And, I hope you will fall in love with the magic of Marlborough, just as I have.


Jennifer Ciccarelli
Head of School