Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Dear Members of the Marlborough Community, 

One decade ago, the Marlborough Board of Trustees established a thoughtful set of goals for the future of the school through a strategic plan entitled The Next Ten Years at Marlborough 2010-2020. The plan spoke to four key areas and outlined objectives that would guide the school’s work in preparing students for the future, ensuring the long-term strength of the school, developing bold and visionary leaders, and engaging with the broader community outside of Marlborough.  

During this decade, we welcomed Dr. Priscilla Sands as Marlborough’s eighth Head of School, and in just five short years she has led us through some of the most significant moments in our school’s history. Our work to engage with the world outside of Marlborough evolved to reflect our students’ growing passions for their communities with the expansion of our Social Justice and Community Partnerships Department and Capstone Program. We launched the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, creating a space and program designed to enhance collaboration and experiential learning. We are tremendously proud of all the school has accomplished, and at the same time, recognize that we have so much farther to go.  

At the start of the 2019-2020 school year, I was honored to join my fellow Trustees and a Planning Committee of thoughtful and committed community members in a comprehensive Strategic Planning process. We solicited input from hundreds of parents, students, employees, and alumnae. We conducted extensive research on everything from educational and demographic trends to traffic patterns in Los Angeles. We envisioned the future that we hope for not just our students, but for all students, finding pathways for Marlborough to work toward realizing that future. 

At the outset of our work, we had no idea just how timely and important this document would be when held up against the backdrop of the history unfolding around us during this time. What we did know was that it would take a bold plan and a willingness to transform to bring about meaningful change in our school community and culture, and to empower, inspire, and engage our students in extending that change beyond the walls of Marlborough. To that end, I am proud to share with you Marlborough’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2025, Redefining Excellence. I invite you to read, learn, and join me and my fellow Trustees in committing to the goals and priorities that will not only bring our Vision, Mission, and Values to life, but will also set our school on a new and exciting path. It will take all of us to make that happen, and I look forward to working alongside this remarkable community to do just that.

Saladin Patterson (P '21)
Strategic Planning Committee Chair


Our vision of the future is a world where equity leads education


Every day we get closer to our vision by creating the conditions in which learning sparks purpose


Building on the best of Marlborough, our faculty and staff inspire LA’s exemplary students to discover who they are, to engage deeply in their studies, to embrace their communities, and to lead lives of purpose. Guided by our legacy as a leader in girls’ education, we boldly seek to redefine excellence in education.

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Our values are the essence of our community and the code by which we live--the principles upon which we make our decisions. They are the heart and soul of Marlborough School. Click on each value below to learn more about how they come to life in our community. 

Planning Committee Members

Jen Crittenden
Andrea Fuentes
Nick Hernandez
Dr. Laura Hotchkiss '86
Dr. Dolly Klock '88
Francine Lane
Saladin Patterson, Chair
Allison Keller Planting '82
Carly Rodriguez
Marla Ryan
Dr. Priscilla Sands
Christine Thornton
Dr. Jawaan Wallace
Andrew Witman
Gene Yee