Strategic Plan 2020-2025


Our vision of the future is a world where equity leads education


Every day we get closer to our vision by creating the conditions in which learning sparks purpose


Building on the best of Marlborough, our faculty and staff inspire LA’s exemplary students to discover who they are, to engage deeply in their studies, to embrace their communities, and to lead lives of purpose. Guided by our legacy as a leader in girls’ education, we boldly seek to redefine excellence in education.

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Our values are the essence of our community and the code by which we live--the principles upon which we make our decisions. They are the heart and soul of Marlborough School. Click on each value below to learn more about how they come to life in our community. 

Planning Committee Members

Jen Crittenden
Andrea Fuentes
Nick Hernandez
Dr. Laura Hotchkiss '86
Dr. Dolly Klock '88
Francine Lane
Saladin Patterson, Chair
Allison Keller Planting '82
Carly Rodriguez
Marla Ryan
Dr. Priscilla Sands
Christine Thornton
Dr. Jawaan Wallace
Andrew Witman
Gene Yee