School Leadership

Faculty & Staff Directory

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Eunice Ahn

College Counseling Assistant

Emmalynn Alfaro

Database Coordinator

Jonathon Allen

History and Social Sciences Instructor, Assistant Head of Upper School for Academics

Nadia Ammar

Associate Director of Philanthropy

John Amussen

Controller/Business Office Manager

Scott Appel

Auxiliary Services Manager

Norman Arguelles

Mathematics Instructor, Advisor - Equestrian, Assistant Coach - JV/Varsity Track & Field

Danielle Ashton

Visual Arts Instructor

Dr. Catherine Atwell

Dean of Student Research, Director of Honors Research Program, History & Social Sciences Instructor

Melissa Banister

Department Head, Mathematics

Dr. Deborah Banner

English Instructor, Dean of Gender Studies and Feminism

Shana Barnett

History Instructor

Sandra Battiata

World Languages Instructor, 11th Grade Dean

Nicole Beck

Health and Wellness Instructor and Coordinator

Kendall Beeman

History & Social Sciences Instructor, 7th Grade Dean, Head Coach - 7/8 Lacrosse

Caitlin Benson

English Instructor

Meghan Bernstein '11

Alumnae Engagement Manager

Danielle Blette

English Instructor, 8th Grade Dean

Crystal Buckley

Science Instructor

Heather Bullock

Donor Relations Manager

Christine Burke

Physical Education Instructor

Josiah Cameron

History & Social Sciences Instructor

Joe Cardenas

Tech Support Specialist

Bridget Carlin

Associate Athletic Director

Olivia Ceja

School Nurse and Campus Healthcare Provider

Dr. Khanichi Charles

Science Instructor, BIPOC Internship Program Head

Charisse Charley

Admissions Assistant

Amelia Charter

Technical Director

Michelle Cordova

Auxiliary Services Coordinator

Dr. Marisa Crandall

Director of Educational and Counseling Services

Julia Crowley

Science Instructor

Melorie Cruz

Assistant to the Head of School

Ida Dahan

Director of Summer School and Enrichment Programs

Stephanie David

Director of Communications and External Affairs

Shauna Davis

Director of Technology and Digital Education

Chelsea Dean

Department Head, Visual Arts

Monica DePriest

Dean of College Counseling

Morgan Duggan

Middle School Psychologist, Dean of Social and Emotional Learning

Lisa Ellis

Department Head, Science

Jena English

Student Publications and Media Program Head
1 2 3 4 > showing 1 - 40 of 136 constituents