Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As we work towards our aspirational vision for a future where Equity Leads Education, we must imbue equity and inclusion as habits of mind into our community ethos, as well as commit to the daily, uncompromising, and ongoing work it will take to bring about meaningful, measurable, and sustainable change.

We acknowledge that Marlborough is a 130-year old, predominantly white institution, built not only on the foundations of strength and academic excellence but also on an undeniable co-existence with injustice and secrecy. We stamp out this co-existence by openly and honestly taking responsibility for these many wrongs, celebrating all that is right, and moving forward—together—into an environment that is truly equitable.

We invite you to learn more about the progress that has been made and the work that is being done—both immediate changes and longer-term efforts that we will continue to grow—through the overarching lens of antiracism we must infuse into each classroom, conversation, program, and process. This is a fluid document that we will continue to update.

Admissions & Enrollment

An equitable student experience at Marlborough begins with admissions, first in our recruitment, and carries through every step of our application and enrollment process.

This year, we made the important decision to eliminate one step in that process that we feel has historically contributed to inequity on multiple levels. Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, Marlborough will no longer accept the ISEE or SSAT standardized tests for admissions. For more information about this decision, please click here.

Learn more about how we approach student recruitment and welcoming prospective families into our community below, and visit the Admissions section of our website for more detail on the process. 

Student Recruitment
Welcoming Prospective Families


True excellence in education means providing a program that enables all students to see themselves reflected in their curriculum. By embedding intellectual inquiry related to race, ethnicity, class, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation throughout, we aim to place all students’ voices at the heart of our work. In the classroom, that applies not only to the information we teach, but also how we teach it.

Explore our full Course of Study, and learn more about our new and ongoing efforts in these subject areas here:

History & Social Sciences
World Languages
Computer Science
Social Justice & Impact
Mastery-Based Learning

Student Support

As a school committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and lead, we must acknowledge the harm, both within and outside our community, that our students in marginalized groups—including BIPOC, gender non-conforming, and those from low socio-economic families —experience, and support them by providing all students with the tools to address those events, effective and safe avenues for sharing their experiences, and a clear and fair process for deciding, implementing, and communicating the consequences of interpersonal racism in our community.

Learn more about how we are supporting our students in this realm:

Identity Development & Healing
Social-Emotional Learning
Antiracism in our Policies
Student Inclusion & Belonging

Employee Recruitment, Retention & Development

We strive to implement practices that reflect our commitment to recruiting, retaining, and developing exceptional and innovative faculty and staff who reflect the rich history and culture of our city and who are committed to the entire student experience. 

Learn more about the new and ongoing ways we find, support, and empower our community of educators:

Professional Development
Mastery-Based Learning