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At this school, you have every opportunity to see how good you can be at anything you want to pursue. Ask questions, explore with gusto, and learn more about the boundless opportunities for learning and leading in our fun, fearless, female community.

Cherishing Life’s Precious Moments
  • From the Desk of Dr. Sands

I want our students to believe that they have the right and ability to learn and embrace optimism and to be committed to something that is larger than self.

Feel The Marlborough Spirit

Jan Jones Blackhurst '67

Jan Jones Blackhurst ’67 served two terms as Mayor for Las Vegas, Nevada, and now holds the role of Executive Vice President for Caesars Entertainment where she oversees the business’s global government relations, public policy, and corporate responsibility governance.

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Stephanie Moulton-Peters '79

Mill Valley, California, elects five members to City Council who serve a four-year term. The mayorship rotates among council members every year. Stephanie Moulton- Peters ’79 has just completed her year as Mayor during her third term as a city council member (making this her third term as Mayor).

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Jamice Oxley '02

Passionate about gender parity in politics, Jamice Oxley '02 is a member of the National Women's Political Caucus and on the Advisory Committee for Ignite, a non-partisan organizaiton whose mission is to build political ambition among girls and young women, encouraging them to run for office.

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Maya Humes '10

Maya Humes ’10 is the Press Secretary for NextGen America, a political action committee focused on mobilizing young voters ages 18 - 35 to cast their ballot for candidates who stand for their values.

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Q & A: Sophia B. '22

Sophia B. ’22 was in Russia during the spring semester participating in the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, where she is learning classical, contemporary, historical, and character dance, as well as Russian language.

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Mustang Sally

In April, the Marlbots traveled to Houston to compete in the FIRST Robotics World Championship. This amazing event combined four levels of competition and students of all ages into an enormous celebration of technology and innovation.

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A Common Thread

In the mid 1980s, affinity groups first began to form on campus, starting with the African-American Cultural Exchange (AACE), which created a welcoming space for students to share their common experiences and interests.

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