Marlborough School - An independent day school for girls grades 7-12

Student Government

Student Government provides Marlborough students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

The Student Body Officers, together with the Middle School President, Middle School Vice President/ Secretary, Class Presidents and Vice Presidents, provide leadership to the entire student body. They organize a wide-range of School-wide activities including fun days, stress relievers, and community service projects. Additionally, they serve as a forum for student issues and concerns, and as representatives of the School for special occasions. Middle and Upper School Councils focus on issues and projects concerning their respective divisions.


The mission of Marlborough School’s Student Government is to emphasize ethics and integrity, encourage school spirit within and among classes, serve as a liaison between students and faculty, and enhance the quality of education by involving the student body in activities, athletics, and programs in the community that build citizenship and encourage self-esteem.


All-School Council: Includes All-School President, All-School Vice President, All-School Secretary, All-School Assembly Coordinator, All-School Athletic Representative, All-School Fine Arts Representative, and All-School Community Outreach Representative; and the Middle School President and Middle School Vice President.

Class Councils: For Grades 8-12, and second semester Grade 7, class councils include a President, Vice President, Secretary, Athletic Representative, Fine Arts Representative, and Community Outreach Representative. For first semester Grade 7, class council includes 7th Grade Representative, Athletic Representative, Fine Arts Representative, and Community Outreach Representative (members of Grade 8, elected by their own class the previous spring).

Combined Student Council: Includes all members of class councils, All-School Officers, and Middle School President and Vice President.

Middle School Council: Includes all Middle School class officers, and Middle School President and Middle School Vice President.

Athletic Council: Includes the All-School Athletic Representative and all class Athletic Representatives.

Community Outreach Council: Includes the All-School Community Outreach Representative and all class Community Outreach Representatives.

Fine Arts Council: Includes the All-School Fine Arts Representative and the class Fine Arts Representatives.