Marlborough School - An independent day school for girls grades 7-12

Community Outreach

Marlborough’s Community Outreach Program aims to create a culture of volunteerism and advocacy both on and off campus.

This is achieved by working with students directly to explore what causes speak to them. Student initiated community outreach results in students better understanding their own competences as well as an increase in self-efficacy.

Marlborough does not require volunteer hours. However, community outreach is present in the lives of the majority of Marlborough students. There are more than 40 clubs on campus that focus on social justice. These clubs are active with students often volunteering off campus or advocating on campus. In addition, many students volunteer regularly as individuals throughout our local and global communities.

To learn more about Marlborough's Community Outreach programs please call (323) 964-8404 or e-mail Pamela Wright at