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This page has been created to provide you with information about school happenings, upcoming events, and to help connect you with one another. We welcome your ongoing involvement with Marlborough, and hope this webpage will serve as a valuable tool.

2016 Fall College Care Packaging Event

I tell friends that my daughter's high school sends care packages to their alums wherever they are in the world for four years after the students graduate--special deliveries filled with sweets, treats, and hand written cards. I tell them that the parents assemble and decorate the mailing envelopes while enjoying wine and a delicious dinner. My non-Marlborough friends are always impressed with this unique way of bringing a community of parents back together.

For four years I've gone back to Marlborough to help assemble these little packages, chat with old friends, and see the school again. I walk the campus, look into the library, read the handwritten posters, and remember. I’ve recapped the event on this webpage many times, but last night was my final College Care Packaging event since my daughter, Isabella, is now a senior in college.

As bittersweet as this is for me to know I'm done with this part of the after high school life, I am also very thankful-thankful for her education, her opportunities, and for the long lasting friendships we both have made. I really think Marlborough gave us both so much.

Inside this autumn’s care packages are several Halloween treats and a handy three-in-one retractable multi-device power cord with a purple carrying pouch. A buffet dinner was catered by Joan’s on Third along with delicious sushi from the Sushi House.

-Carole Rosner
(Isabella '13)

2016 Valentine's Day College Care Packaging Event

By Carole Rosner (Isabella '13)
January 26, 2016

The Collins Room was buzzing last night when approximately 40 parents gathered together for the bi-annual College Care Packaging Event. This time around the assembly work was done in advance and all the parents had to do was eat, chat, and decorate the mailing envelopes with Valentine stickers. It could not have been easier or more fun!

Moms and Dads from the classes of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 enjoyed a generous buffet catered by Joan’s on Third and Sushi House. The delicious dinner included Chinese Chicken Salad, Salmon al Ericina, sautéed brussels sprouts with toasted almonds and carrots, Thai Noodle Salad, assorted sushi, and lots of mini cookies and bars. A variety of wines were served as well.

Packages will once again be sent around the globe to Alumnae who have graduated from Marlborough within the last four years. This year’s packages contain a heart shaped lip balm, emergency whistle, a few Hershey’s chocolate Kisses and caramel Kisses, Valentine M&M’s, and Starburst Jelly Beans. Personalized Valentine notes were included from the parents who were at the event.

Parents agreed the Alumnae really look forward to receiving their Marlborough surprises in the mail.

Hope to see you at the next care package event in October!

Stuffed. Sealed & Stickered

By Carole Rosner (Isabella '13)
October 13, 2015

This was my fifth Marlborough College Care Packing Event. My daughter is now a college Junior and I’ve come back to school twice a year for this get-together since the fall of 2013. It’s a great night for me to catch up with old friends, to see what’s changing/happening on campus (a lot this year!) and to give back to a school that played such an important part of my daughter’s life.

This year close to 80 of us parents put together just under 370 care packages that will be sent to alumnae from the classes of 2012-2015. We stuffed, sealed and stickered mailing envelopes that will soon make stops all around the globe.

Each envelope included one USB power charger, Halloween sized candies, a bag of Pirates Booty, Little Monster fruit snacks and an invitation to the College age Alumnae Party on January 5, 2016.

As in the past, dinner was catered by Joan’s on Third and it was delish! There was assorted crudités such as a roasted spinach dip, hummus and a leek dip. I loved the Butter lettuce salad with French Feta, dried organic cranberries, and Joan’s vinaigrette, and the Salmon with tomatoes and fresh basil. There was Turkey meatloaf with chili aioli, sautéed Brussels sprout salad with toasted almonds and carrots, a Thai Noodle salad, and assorted cookies and bars. And of course, some wonderful wine was served too.

The strong community of Marlborough alumnae parents has continued to be a gift to me long after my daughter has moved on, and I look forward to seeing everyone again at the Valentine’s Day event in January 2016.


Parents of the Class of 2015 experienced a little bit of Hawaii on Sunday, May 17 with our third annual Senior Parent Luau. Speaker Karen Rowan-Badger, Assistant Dean of admissions, USC Dornsife College of Arts, Letters and Sciences, rendered sage advice on how to send your daughter off to college. The full album of photos from the luau is available on the right column under Recent Events & Photos.

TUESDAY, FEB. 3, 2015

By Carole Rosner (Isabella '13)

Alums from the classes of 2011 to 2014 will be getting lots of love this Valentine’s Day when a little care package arrives in their mail boxes next week from Marlborough School.

Parents of graduates from the past four years gathered in the Collins Room for a glass of wine, a wonderful dinner, friendly conversation and lots of stuffing and sealing as 360 care packages were put together to be sent off for Valentine’s Day.

Joan’s on Third catered the meal which included sushi, chicken skewers, salmon with tomatoes and fresh basil, grilled sugar snap peas and asparagus tossed with fresh thyme and lemon zest, grilled veggies Provencal, a butter lettuce salad and a variety of decadent desserts.

Among the treats in this year’s mailing envelopes are ear buds in a Marlborough zippered case, a heart shaped Jolly Rancher lollipop, a box of conversation hearts, fruit snacks and other bite sized candies. Valentine notes from Marlborough were also placed inside the goodie bags and parents could personalize the notes for their own daughter’s package.

This event is always a great chance to catch up with old Marlborough friends and meet new ones too. We look forward to seeing parents again in the fall for the Halloween Care Packaging Event in October.


By Carole Rosner (Isabella '13)

Alumnae Parents met in the Collins Room for the annual Halloween College Care Packaging Event on Tuesday night, October 21, 2014. Moms and Dads enjoyed a delicious dinner with decadent desserts from Joan’s on Third while catching up with each other and fueling themselves for the work ahead.

The 50 or so parents assembled over 370 packages for alumnae from the classes of 2011 to 2014. This year’s Halloween themed mailing included mixes for mac and cheese and hot cocoa, bite-sized candies, and backpack-sized Marlborough flashlights and hand sanitizers. The parents were also able to include a personalized note into their daughters’ packages.

Care packages are sent out to Marlborough graduates all over the world two times a year for the four years they are in college. It’s a wonderful way for Marlborough to stay in touch with their alumnae and a great night for parents to relax, laugh and reminisce.

The next College Care Packing Event will be held on Tuesday, February 3 and the next College-Age Alumnae get together will be January 6, 2015 in the Collins Room.


On Sunday, May 18th, parents from the class of 2014 gathered together one last time before graduation to chat, hug, laugh, and share words of wisdom at the Senior Parent Luau. The Hawaiian-themed event tied into the seniors’ class trip, and aimed to help parents prepare for life after Marlborough for both their daughters and themselves. A small group of mothers from the Class of 2013 were available to answer specific college transition questions and to reassure the parents that they, too, can get through this next chapter in life.

Tropical food and drinks were served in the East Atrium as Barbara Wagner welcomed close to 100 parents and thanked them for their years of involvement and support of Marlborough. Ms. Wagner explained that the Luau doesn’t mark the end of the parents’ relationship with the Marlborough community because there are ongoing events for Parents of Alumnae (such as the college care package events in October and late January), as well as the parents of alumnae webpage.

Ms. Wagner introduced the evening’s speaker, Karen Rowan Badger, Assistant Dean of Admission for USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Ms. Badger gave great advice on the transition of sending young adults off to college. She gave useful tips on getting ready for college, saying goodbye, and being aware of problems that may arise once the students get to college. She also reminded parents that siblings may be affected by this change in the household as well.

Marlborough Trustee Lydia Kennard also thanked the parents, gave some helpful advice that included the importance of care packages, and reminded everyone that the best way to stay in touch with Marlborough is updating the office with any e-mail changes. Although the parents may have left with a tear in their eyes, they also received a goody bag with a booklet compiled by the Development Office entitled, “Keep Calm and Move Them On: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the College Transition.”

Aloha, and best wishes to the class of 2014!


By Carole Rosner (Isabella '13)
January 23, 2014

Alumnae parents got together last night for the second college care packaging event of the school year. Packages were assembled with love and filled with bite sized candies, a personalized Valentine, and a Marlborough credit card holder. Every alumna from the classes of 2010-2013 will be getting a hand decorated parcel in the mail just in time for the Valentine's Day.

Although the alumnae benefit from this type of Marlborough event, the parents get a lot out of it too. This was the final Care Package get-together for the parents of 2010, therefore it was particularly meaningful. Jennifer Thread McHenry (Lyric ’10) explained, “This is my last event since Lyric is about to graduate. I wanted to make sure I write her one last Valentine while she’s in college. It’s lovely to see some of the moms from her class. It’s a sentimental time since I’m thinking about college graduation now. This tradition is so beautiful and my daughter has truly loved receiving these gifts. It puts a smile on her face and gives her a feeling of support from her Alma Mater.”

Carla Pittman’s (Corinne ’10) comments echoed Jennifer’s,” This is a bittersweet moment for me because this is the last time I’ll be coming to this type of event. I hope the school keeps doing it. Don’t stop!”

The Development Office organizes this event and continually comes up with fun, creative items to put into the care packages. This casual night included a light dinner of Marlborough chili, salmon, salad, cheeses, wine, and dessert.

“This is my second time attending. The first time I came was in October and I thought it was such a lovely idea that I knew I would come again. I am really enjoying it and look forward to doing this event for years,” Yvette Nall (Tahirah ’12, Kamilah ’15) said.

Past Parent Association President Funke Ojuri (Simi ’10) told me, “It’s nice seeing parents from the 2010 class. I enjoyed seeing faces in October too. This is a great way to stay connected because I was so involved here. My daughter likes getting these packages too.”

The Parents of Alumnae committee is working on future events in addition to the next College Care Package this fall. If you are interested in helping, contact Karen Harwitt at (323) 964-8411.



By Carole Rosner (Isabella '13)

The annual autumn College Care Packaging event brought together parents from the classes of 2010 through 2013 for an evening overflowing with lively conversation, lots of laughs, warm hugs, and big bowls of Halloween candy. Over 65 mothers and fathers joined forces to assemble 350 care packages to send to Marlborough Alums across the country.

“I’m happy I can still put on my name tag!” Alice Fung (Kai ’13) exclaimed. “Marlborough is very good at putting this event together and letting us all experience it together. It was a special night.”

Every graduate from the last four years should have received a Halloween care package assembled with love and filled with mini candies, a Marlborough pen with attached highlighter, and a Marlborough microfiber cloth that’s great for cleaning computer screens and cell phones. A “Save the Date” card for the January Alumni event was also included, as well as personalized notes written by the parents.

Debby Semel (Jamie ’13, Kylie ’17) echoed the sentiments of everyone in the Collins Room, “It was fun to reconnect with old friends and make packages for all our girls.”

Marlborough chili, grilled salmon and avocado walnut salad was served for dinner, along with a selection of wines and yummy desserts.

“It’s nice to be part of something that doesn’t disappear,” Kevin Jones (Cassidy ’13) said. “I feel like part of a community that hasn’t ended with my daughter’s graduation. I look forward to future events.”

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