Student Organizations

Marlborough students sustain a diverse campus culture by organizing clubs—which are more regulated and goal-oriented—and interest groups, where students can share their enthusiasms in an informal setting.


Community Outreach

Community Service Council
Organizes community service projects. A grade level representative is elected by each grade.

CSF Tutors
Tutoring Marlborough students once a week as needed. Open to members of CSF in grades 10-12.

Violets' Giving Circle (VGC)
The Violets' Giving Circle is a student-initiated, philanthropic organization committed to providing energy and resources to improve the lives of underprivileged women and girls in the Los Angeles area by furthering their educational opportunities. The Violets' Giving Circle strives to provide leadership opportunities for its members while benefiting the community at large. Through fundraising, the Circle has granted $165,000 to small organizations that support underserved women and girls in Los Angeles.

Violet Key Society
Students tour prospective students and guests and assist at Open Houses. Open to grades 9-12 by application.



Action to Clean Up The Environment (A.C.U.T.E.)
A club to promote awareness of environmental issues and sponsor activities to preserve the environment. Open to grades 7-12.

The GreenTeens provide environmental education for elementary school students. Through a curriculum created and taught by students for students, the GreenTeens promote environmental literacy, inspire students to take action, make behavioral changes, and become green leaders in their communities.

The Seedling Project
Inspired by nationally acclaimed writer/chef, Alice Waters and her Edible Schoolyard Program, The Seedling Project is a Farm-to-School program, which focuses on promoting environmental stewardship through educating our school community on ecology and making responsible food choices. The Seedling Action Team, comprised of students, faculty, and alumnae, manages the Marlborough School GOOD EATS sustainable garden; supports the School’s cafeteria, Cafe M, with organic produce; and develops curricular ties that support academic inquiry and exploration related to food politics and sustainability.


Dance Association
A club to promote field trips, master classes, and discussion of dance. Open to grades 7-12.

The student yearbook. A scheduled pass/fail class. Open to grades 9-12.

The Edge
Student art and literary magazine. Editorial staff determined in May for the following year. Open to grades 7-12.

The Guild
A group of students to assist performance productions in costumes, lighting, sets, and stage management. Open to grades 7-12.

The M
The Middle School student newspaper. Open to grades 7-9.

The School's student newspaper. Open to grades 9-12. Click here to view the online version of The UltraViolet.

Cultural Awareness

African-American Cultural Exchange (A.A.C.E.)
A club for students of all races interested in developing awareness and appreciation of African-American culture. Open to grades 7-12.

A club for students of all backgrounds interested in developing awareness of issues pertinent to the LGBTQ community. Open to grades 7-12.

Exploring Asia Together (E.A.S.T.)
A club for students of all races interested in developing awareness and appreciation of Asian culture. Open to grades 7-12.

Organized Latina Exchange (OLÉ)
A club for students of all races interested in developing awareness and appreciation of Hispanic culture. Open to grades 7-12.

Government / Leadership

Junior Advisors
11th Grade students commit to assist a Middle School Advisory Group for the year. Open to students by application.

Junior Service League (JSL)
Volunteer and develop leadership skills at school and in the community. Open to grades 7-8.

Model United Nations (M.U.N.)
A club which participates in regional/national simulated UN conferences. Open to grades 10-12.

Speech and Debate
Interscholastic debate competition (afternoon/weekend tournaments). Open to grades 9-12, meets after school.

Student Government
Student Body Officers and Grade Level Officers are elected each Spring for the next school year. 7th grade elects officers in November. Meets weekly at lunch.

Student Internships
An opportunity for off-campus career exploration. Open to grades 11 and 12 with application and interview.

interest groups

Interest groups are founded by students who want to celebrate shared enthusiasm for a wide array of subjects. Some examples include:

  • Anime Club
  • Dr. Who Club
  • Fantasy Football
  • Flag Football
  • Harry Potter Club
  • One Direction Infection
  • Philosophy Club
  • Remote Control Club
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Gymnastics
  • Chick Flick Club