Student Life

Working together, having fun, developing leadership skills, building friendships, trying new things, facing challenges…all part of the active day of a Marlborough student.

Marlborough's athletic, artistic, civic, and extracurricular programs engage students with opportunities to develop the critical thinking and leadership skills engendered by their studies. As part of a vibrant, multi-faceted community, girls can explore, take risks, and define themselves as confident individuals.


Over 30 teams represent the Marlborough Mustangs in 15 sports, and many of our student athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level and beyond.


Through choreography or a chorale, fashioning jewelry or editing music videos, Marlborough empowers students to unlock their creativity.

Student Organizations

Whether her interests are in Harry Potter, the environment, multiculturalism, kniting, human rights, ultimate frisbee, or all of the above, a Marlborough girl can always find collaborators.

Student Government

Girls develop teamwork, leadership skills, and personal vision through meaningful student government.

Student Publications

In addition to an intensive curricular emphasis on writing skills, Marlborough offers students opportunities to hone their skills at writing, researching, editing, and design through two campus newspapers, a yearbook, and a creative writing anthology.

Community Outreach

Students practice altruism and engagement through voluntary involvement with a variety of groups and causes. With a busy calendar of events, our Community Outreach office coordinates activities that encourage girls to see beyond themselves.