Global Citizenship

Foreign Exchanges

"Marlborough's Paris Exchange was a truly fantastic experience and one which I am so happy to have been a part of."

-Clementine '17

Marlborough’s Foreign Language Department has nurtured the foreign exchange relationships that it established in 2013-2014, taking part in exchanges with the Lycée Victor Duruy in Paris, Northlands School in Buenos Aires, and Beijing High School No. 4 in Beijing. Foreign students spent several days staying with Marlborough families in Los Angeles, attending classes and touring the city. Marlborough students and instructors visited Beijing and Buenos Aires last summer, while francophone Violets visited Paris for the second year in a row over spring break 2015.

Bienvenue a Paris!

Marlborough recently completed its 3rd annual Los Angeles/Paris student exchange, and 15 students--along with their two trusty chaperones--spent 10 days filled with culture (and cuisine!) in Paris. Read about their adventures here.