Community Outreach



Marlborough School's Community Outreach Program aims to promote awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of the local and global community.

The program enables direct contributions of time, personal talents, and resources by students, parents, faculty, and alumnae to improve the quality of life for others and the natural environment we all share.

Through consistent and sustained voluntary efforts, service becomes a life-long commitment. Working together with those we serve, we broaden our awareness to embrace the commonalities of all human beings, overcome bias and fear, develop organizational and leadership skills, and instill a sense of civic responsibility and service action into our daily lives.

Our program is voluntary. We are passionate about supporting the core values of character, contribution, and community that define the educational mission of the School.

The Service Honor Society recognizes any student who gives a minimum of 100 hours to a single agency over the course of a calendar year. Since its inception in 2000, nearly 120 students have reached this goal. This recognition is open to students of all ages.

To learn more about Marlborough's Community Outreach programs please call (323) 964-8404 or e-mail Pamela Wright at