Marlborough School - An independent day school for girls grades 7-12


Creative expression is a vital component of a life.

By engaging in the creative process, Marlborough students learn invaluable habits of heart and mind: curiosity, dedication, rigorous practice, embodied self-awareness, confidence, critical and reflective thinking, conceptual articulation, artistic expression, collaboration, resilience, and adaptability.


The school’s Seaver Gallery regularly features the visual artwork of both student and guest artists, including the annual Invitational Art Show, which features student artists from Los Angeles area schools. Performances of dance, theatre and music can be seen and enjoyed in Caswell Auditorium and the Intimate Theater throughout the year, as well as at lunchtime concerts, and all-school gatherings.


Our artists often win local, regional, and national honors. Last year, Marlborough students won 94 awards at the 2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. They performed at the Spotlight Music Awards in Los Angeles and at Carnegie Hall in New York. Many seniors went on to colleges focused on arts, or received arts scholarships.


Each year, Marlborough invites a variety of visual and performing artists to share their experiences and knowledge with the students. Guest directors, choreographers, and stage artists contribute to classes and productions within both the Dance and Theatre Programs, while each year's Vocalist-in-Residence provides instruction to Marlborough's singers. The Visual Arts Program hosts notable guest speakers, and an annual Artist-in-Residence who collaborates with students in creating exhibitions that connect them with currents in the art world at large.