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The Marlbots Compete at the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship

The Marlbots Compete at the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship

The team finished with a 5:4 record and won the Motivate Award!

UPDATE (4/24): At the conclusion of the tournament, the Marlbots finished with a 5:4 winning record. This placed them 24th out of 64 teams in their division. The team's power ranking, a metric that measures an individual robot's ability to score points, placed them 16th out of 64 teams in their division, and 30th out of 128 teams overall.

The team also won the Motivate Award, one of six awards presented by the judging panel. This award is given to the team that "exemplified the essence of the FIRST Tech Challenge competition through Team building, Team spirit and exhibited enthusiasm."

Congratulations to the team: Niki B. '18, Anna C. '17, Kendall C. '19, Roxy C. '19, Annemarie D. '18, Ava H. '17, Olivia H-R. '18, Emma K. '19, Sarah L. '18, Emma P. '18, and Amanda Y. '18.

Our very own Marlbots are in Houston competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) World Championship! Follow along throughout the three-day competition as they report back to campus on the ups and downs of going for FIRST:

Live stream link (Houston / Jemison Division):

FTC World Championship Houston info:
Instagram & Twitter - @marlbotsftc

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today they set up their pit, presented in front of judges, and won their first match! The team will have eight more qualifying matches on Thursday and Friday (times approximate):

  • #1 (Wed) WIN
  • #29 (Thurs 8:58am) WIN
  • #46 (Thurs 10:49am) loss
  • #54 (Thurs 1:39pm) loss
  • #80 (Thurs 4:28pm) loss
  • #88 (Fri 8:00am) WIN
  • #101 (Fri 9:24am) WIN
  • #124 (Fri 1:52pm) WIN
  • #134 (Fri 2:57pm) loss

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