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See the Marlbots in Action!

At a recent robotics tournament, the Marlborough Robotics team, the "Marlbots," took home several honors:

  • Promote Award: For creating a compelling, 1 min PSA video that addresses the prompt "Now that I've succeeded in FIRST..."Click here to watch their PSA.
  • Winning Alliance in the Robot Game: Our team was chosen by the number one and number two seeded teams to complete their alliance. They were undefeated in the elimination matches and won the robot game portion of the tournament!
  • Inspire Award: This is the most prestigious award given out at an FTC Tournament. The Inspire is given to a team that embodies the challenge of the FTC program, and they must be a top contender in all award categories. The team must be great ambassadors for the FIRST program and act with "Gracious Professionalism" at all times.
  • Compass Award: Chosen based on a video submission by the team, this coaches' award went to Marlborough's own Andrew Witman! Click here to watch the video submitted by his team.

STEM at Marlborough

Andy Robotics

STEM is a nationally recognized acronym that refers to the academic fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The STEM Program at Marlborough is an interdepartmental effort that seeks to increase student enthusiasm for the STEM fields and instill students with a love of creation and problem solving. It reaches students through a variety of STEM themed clubs and teams, as well as integration of content into classroom curricula.

Marlborough is home to an active and award-winning FIRST Technical Challenge (FTC) robotics team. Students from all grade levels participate in the construction and programming of a robot designed to compete in a yearly international competition. In addition to competing, students explore careers in the STEM fields by interacting with the local engineering community and seeing real world applications of STEM. Yearly outreach events contribute to the  team’s mission of showing others, especially girls, the power of STEM education and robotics.

Marlborough recognizes the importance of 3D printing in the future and its potential to give students creative opportunities in an educational setting. 3D printers are used in several capacities on campus, including robotics, architecture, and Caswell Scholars classes. In each case students use a variety of software tools to design and print their own 3D models.


Marlborough offers a robust Computer Science curriculum, including introductory, AP level, and special studies courses.  In addition, in order to encourage computational thinking, every Math class (pre-Algebra through Calculus) includes lessons on the Python programming language to supplement the standard material.


Students have the opportunity to showcase their technology projects each semester at a school-wide Technology Fair. These events coincide with the Fall and Spring Art Gallery openings organized by the Visual Arts department, allowing artistically-minded and technology-minded students to come together, share ideas, and start collaborations.  Student projects include computer animations and games, robotics demos, 3D printed objects, and more.


Marlborough girls have established several STEM-focused clubs, including the Robotics Team, Computer Science Club, RC Car Club, 3D Printing Club, Bridge-Building Club, and Rocketry Club.  The clubs offer a forum for students to explore shared interests, welcome new members to learn about the subject, and provide opportunities for student leadership.