Marlborough School - An independent day school for girls grades 7-12

What does 1:1 BYOL mean?

BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) means that each student is required to bring her own fully charged laptop to campus every day.

How does a mixed environment (different operating systems and types of laptops) create consistency?

Most of the tools utilized by teachers and students are web-based and are not dependent on the underlying operating system. None of the applications will rely on a specific operating system. We feel strongly that computing is a personal experience and that one platform is not better than the other.

Will the presence of the devices distract students? How will the school address social media education?

Faculty report that the majority of their students already bring personal devices to campus. Social media education is currently integrated into our 7th Grade Tech Tools curriculum, and is reinforced throughout the Middle and Upper School program. Additionally, Marlborough is a Common Sense Media Supporter School and works in partnership with Common Sense Media’s resources.

I do not feel as technologically savvy as my daughter. Will there be support in place for me?

We will communicate with parents in a variety of forums, including parent coffees and resources via the school’s website. Additionally, Common Sense Media has valuable resources for parents and they intend to expand parents’ programming.

My daughter is new to Marlborough and she doesn’t have prior academic technology training. Will she be at a disadvantage?

No. We will continue to offer ongoing training to support their academic success throughout the year.

How will Marlborough faculty support their students in this transition?

Professional growth opportunities will be ongoing so teachers are well-prepared to respond to students’ needs.

What happens if my daughter forgets her laptop at home or if her computer needs troubleshooting during the school day?

The school will have a set of loaner computers available for students to use on a short-term basis.

How much time will my daughter spend using her computer?

Your daughter may use her computer more than she does now on some days, and perhaps less on others. We are appreciative of the need for "technology free" time as well and will ensure she is not using her computer all day every day.

Will textbooks be replaced with e-books?

It is our hope that over time we can reduce our dependence on printed textbooks and therefore increase accessibility and reduce backpack weight. We will err on making the best educational decision. Some textbooks are available in electronic format, but many are not. Additionally, as we have already done in some classes, teachers may create their own course content.

I am concerned about the additional cost to my family. How will the school address this need?

We will provide rental options and flexible purchase and payment options through the school.

Device Requirements

We will require the following for each student’s laptop or tablet:

Windows (Lenovo Yoga or Surface Pro 3 recommended) running Windows 7 or newer
Mac (MacBook Pro or Air) running OS X 10.7 or newer

  • Minimum screen size of 13”
  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended
  • 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network adapter (802.11ac if available on laptop model)
  • Ear buds or headset with microphone
  • Required Software:
  • Microsoft Office (available through School at no cost)
  • Adobe Flash (free)
  • Adobe Shockwave (free)
  • Java (free)
  • Video editing software to be determined
  • Audacity (free, sound editing)
  • Anti-virus/malware protection, Windows and Mac (an offering with DigiTrust, the School’s IT security partner, is available through the School)
  • Backup solution (an offering with Crash Plan is available through the School)
  • Students must have administrative access with the ability to install software, remove software, and change all system settings
  • No filtering software may be installed
  • Carrying case (not backpack)
Additional Recommendations:

3-year warranty, insurance, and accidental damage support


Shauna Callahan, Associate Director of Academic Technology: or 323-964-8407

Ida Dahan, Associate Director of Administrative Technology: or 323-964-8443