committees of the board


Chair - Bill Ahmanson

Retirement Plan Oversight

Chair - Jim Ellison

Building and Grounds

Chairs - Christine Ewell, Mari Snyder Johnson


Chair - Katherine Marik Thompson '83

education & Enrollment

Chair - Jennifer Cook Lewis


Chairs - Kirk Hartman, Marla Ryan


Chair - Peter Shoemaker


Chair - Michael Gendler

Board of Trustees

Our Charge

In partnership with the Head of School, each member of the Marlborough School Board of Trustees serves to advance the mission of the School by providing sound fiduciary oversight, long-range strategic leadership, and generative governance.

2016-2017 Board of Trustees


Michael Gendler (Trustee since 2010)

Vice President

Peter Shoemaker (Trustee since 2007)
Katherine Marik Thompson '83 (Trustee since 2009)

Marla K. Ryan (Trustee since 2004)


Michael Kong (Trustee since 2014)


William H. Ahmanson (Trustee since 2011)
The Rev. Betsy Neville Anderson ’66 (Trustee since 2015)
Judy Belk (Trustee since 2007)
Pauline Boghosian (Trustee since 2016)
W. J. (Jim) Ellison (Trustee since 2013)
The Hon. Christine C. Ewell (Trustee since 2008)
Kirk Hartman (Trustee since 2014)
Diane Hawley (Trustee since 2016)
Mari Snyder Johnson (Trustee since 2010)
Kenneth Karmin (Trustee since 2008)
Francine Lane (Trustee since 2016)
Jennifer Cook Lewis (Trustee since 2006)
Arthur J. Ochoa (Trustee since 2016)
Allison Keller Planting ’82 (Trustee since 2015)
Jeffrey Raich (Trustee since 2015)
Neville Rhone, Jr. (Trustee since 2015)
Courtney Cummings Wolff ’91 (Trustee since 2014)
Debra Wong Yang (Trustee since 2012)

Ex-Officio Members

Teresa Kadlec  - Co-President, Parents’ Association
Amanda Mansour '91 - Co-President, Parents’ Association 
Katherine Horton Burford '87 - President, Alumnae Association
Dr. Priscilla G. Sands - Head of School

By the Numbers...

Marlborough's Board of Trustees is comprised of:

23 Members
13 Women
10 Men
13 Current parents
7 Parents of alumnae
4 Alumnae
5 Officers
4 Ex-officio members