Marlborough School - An independent day school for girls grades 7-12

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"During our years at Marlborough, we've learned how to write a thesis, how to test a hypothesis and how to conjugate verbs in foreign languages. But perhaps the most important things we've learned have impacted who we are at the core. We have learned how to face challenges head-on and keep working even when it seems impossible."

-Rachel Lurie '14
Princeton University '18

"Marlborough instilled a confidence in me that I was capable of setting high goals and achieving them."

-Kate Grace '07
Yale University '11
2016 Olympic Track & Field Finalist

"When I think of enriching experiences at Marlborough, I think of walking into art class this year. I have never had so much freedom to explore what I wanted to do. Marlborough gave me the tools to take a step towards something conceptual, something with meaning in my art."

-Alli Yoon '17

"My favorite thing about Marlborough is having the chance to make my own mark and choose my own path. It is an opportunity like no other."

-Gracie Miller '17