Marlborough School - An independent day school for girls grades 7-12

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"During our years at Marlborough, we've learned how to write a thesis and how to test a hypothesis. But perhaps the most important things we've learned have impacted who we are at the core. We have learned how to face challenges head-on and keep working even when it seems impossible."

-Rachel Lurie '14
Princeton University '18

"Marlborough instilled a confidence in me that I was capable of setting high goals and achieving them."

-Kate Grace '07
Yale University '11
2016 Olympic Track & Field Finalist

"When I think of enriching experiences at Marlborough, I think of walking into art class this year. I have never had so much freedom to explore what I wanted to do. Marlborough gave me the tools to take a step towards something conceptual, something with meaning in my art."

-Alli Yoon '17

"My favorite thing about Marlborough is having the chance to make my own mark and choose my own path. It is an opportunity like no other."

-Gracie Miller '17